Advance Strategy

Advance Strategy is about getting to a deeper understanding of our clients’ current and anticipated business contexts. Utilizing a range of lenses, tools and technologies - beyond the conventional scope of an architecture firm - to integrate business planning, leadership engagement + communications, organizational design, performance metrics  as well as workplace and real estate strategy, we broaden the scope of our inquiry and deliver solution sets that transcend those delivered through traditional architecture or consulting practices.
The Advance Strategy team applies and extends our architects’ core visualization and integration skills to the most difficult and, potentially, most rewarding challenges that our clients face. We do not assume that every solution to a problem is a building. We provide transparent and innovative services and we always deliver an actionable roadmap, defining the way forward.

It’s not about buildings, it’s about people!

No matter how large or small, we help our clients comprehend strategic advantage:

$30m in capital out of surplus property through optimization
40% operational savings, getting the bits in the right places
37% space savings with integrated workplace strategies
20% increase in core business market share
100% increase in property market value

When you consider that people represent almost 80 percent of any organizations investment, leveraging your space and building SMART demand models just makes sense.