Adele Rankin Envisions the Future of Hospitality in June's Hotelier

June 19, 2015

Ever-changing technology is posing a number of challenges and opportunities within the hospitality sector. Our own Adele Rankin, senior associate CHIL Interior Design, shared how design is rising to the occasion in "Changing Interfaces", a long-form feature on the integration of hotel rooms and tech. Rankin spoke to current trends of how hotels are meeting the needs of tech-savvy guests, and where they might go next. 

Using a personal anecdote about a recent stay in Munich, Rankin shared how technology can make a guest feel more at home through the 24-7 service provided by a virtual concierge iPad, or LED touch-panels that served as a do not disturb sign, a doorbell, a thermostat, a light switch, and a room service notifier.

"I was invested at that point, and they made it personal for me and easy,” she notes. “Everything becomes simplified and user-friendly, akin to what Apple has been doing for the last decade.”

Rankin and the CHIL team are at the frontier of the intersection of tech and hospitality design, blending creativity with industry awareness to engage their clients in conversations about how best to deliver guest experiences.  

CHIL is a hospitality studio of B+H. See examples of how they engage with clients to deliver outstanding results here


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